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At Brandywine Dental Services Group, we believe that dentistry is all about smiles. We want all of our denture patients to feel confident when they smile because we know having a healthy and beautiful smile matters. Our practice offers customized denture services so we can meet the needs of our patients while providing the level of comfort they deserve. We recognize that all of our patients are one-of-a-kind, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure a customized experience that leaves you with dentures that look great and feel natural.

What Are Dentures?

Simply put, dentures are natural-looking, artificial teeth that are removable. We offer our patients two types of replacement teeth: partial and full.
Partial dentures are a detachable alternative to bridges. These dental appliances are affixed to a metal frame, which is then attached to your natural teeth. Partials fill the space where permanent teeth used to be.

Full dentures are an option provided to our patients when removal of all the natural teeth has occurred. There are two types of full dentures that patients may receive: conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures can take several months to place because the gum tissue must fully heal before the procedure can take place. Immediate full dentures are placed right away after the teeth have been extracted. These dentures will require regular adjustments for the first couple of months.

How Do I Choose the Right Dentures for My Situation?

The truth is that dentures are not the right choice for everyone. The best way to determine if dentures are the best choice for you is to schedule an appointment with one our team members. When you schedule an appointment, our team of specialists will go over your concerns, answer all your questions, and help you determine what will work best for treating your ongoing dental health needs.

Caring for Your Dentures

Like your natural teeth, dentures dictate daily maintenance. Keeping your teeth clean is important to keep bacteria away from your mouth. Here are some tips for keeping your dentures clean and your smile bright:
• Handle your dentures with care. When removing or inserting your dentures, stand over a sink of water or a folded towel. If you accidentally drop your dentures, the chances of them breaking are less likely.
• Brush your dentures every day. Plaque and tartar can form on your dentures just like on natural teeth. Daily brushing can reduce the buildup of these substances. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your dentures and lightly brush the surface taking great care not to bend or crack the plastic. Patients with a full set of dentures should also keep their gums and tongue clean. Use a soft-bristled brush to mildly clean your tongue and gums every day. Rinse your dentures after each meal to keep the appliances clean between brushings.
• Avoid using household cleaners, mouthwashes, and drugstore toothpaste to clean your dentures. Dentures require a gentle touch. Many of the usual products you would use to brush your natural teeth are too harsh for dentures. We recommend using mild hand soap for proper and safe cleaning. If you are uncertain about what to use, give us a call. We’ll provide you with a list of products that have the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval.
• Keep your dentures moist when not in use. When dentures are allowed to dry, they can lose their shape, crack, or break. Usually, you can leave your dentures in water, but there are certain styles that have particular soaking requirements. Ask your dentist if you are using the appropriate solution.

What Happens If My Dentures Break?

Accidents can happen. If your dentures break, it is critical to call our offices immediately. We’ll schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible to evaluate the situation. Do not continue to use broken dentures. When broken they won’t work properly, and they can cause irritation and pain in your mouth and to your gums.
Make sure to stay on top of six-month dental cleanings. During these appointments, we will evaluate your dentures and make sure everything continues to look great!